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Jess Ball – Thank You
Melbourne singer Jess Ball has delighted her fans with a new single 'Thank You'. The song was released on October 15 and brightened up the singer's wonderful music catalog.

This song is about the state when someone leaves us and we just don't have the words to express our feelings. The sarcastic approach of the lyrics reveals the metaphor in the words "thank you" as laughter in the face of departing love. Jess sings this song with a bit of irony and pity for the whole situation that came out. Her voice has a velvety tone that is illuminated by a bright timbre.  

It is very easy to believe her words and we do it thanks to the beautiful melody that accompanies the organic lyrics. Pop rock sound gives the energy of a pop hit with its cool electric guitar and catchy melody. The memorable riff strung on itself the whole musical structure of the composition. Back vocal arrangement is amazing, it gives a feeling of richness and depth. 

Listen to the single 'Thank You' on Spotify below and enjoy the new song by Jess Ball.