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TJ Devoe – Natural Phenomena
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Electronic musician TJ Devoe enjoys the nature of Northern Louisiana, especially when he arrives there from the bustling metropolis. He writes and records his own amazing music, revealing to us his own world filled with the colors of impressions and the energy of life.
TATE SEDAR – “Oh Caroline (TATE SEDAR Remix)” – The 1975
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Hollywood-based musician and producer TATE SEDAR presented his new release "Oh Caroline (TATE SEDAR Remix)" - The 1975. Admiring the creativity of The 1975, Tate Sedar was looking for an opportunity to convey their dance potential and thanks to the subtle rhythm of the song, he managed to recreate a true EDM version of this passionate track.
Patrick Doval – Endless Heartbreak
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Patrick Doval has shared his new single 'Endless Heartbreak'. This energetic post-punk track tells the story of heartbreak when no one reciprocates the desire for intimacy.
Reagan Hudson – Mama’s Going to Rehab
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Reagan Hudson is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina who continues to write and record his incredible songs. 'Mama's Going to Rehab' by Reagan Hudson is just the kind of song that is sure to lift our spirits, because this story is filled with humor and virtues taken from life itself.
Nick Noon – Who Needs Who
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Nick Noon is a Nashville-based artist whose music connects the best moments of classic rock to modern trends in indie music. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Nick Noon writes and records worthy songs that will surely appeal to all lovers of live rock n roll sound.
Anoush – Brave Girl
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The single 'Brave Girl' from the American artist Anoush opens the curtain of her new upcoming album. In her work, Anoush combines a variety of styles from jazz and classical to alternative pop.
TATE SEDAR – Heaven (‘Tech Me to Space’ Edit)
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Los Angeles-based artist TATE SEDAR presented a new remix of his popular song 'Heaven', first released in 2021. TATE SEDAR is a versatile artist still draws inspiration from club music and the aesthetics of charming electronic pop.
Russell Nelson – 5 AM
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The American alternative artist Russell Nelson presented his new single '5 AM' on March 25. This song is a deep and thoughtful musical track that with its lyrics draws attention to the topic of self-digging and understanding one's life path.
Deep Dive Species – Salt and Water
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New York's duo Deep Dive Species have released their second single from their upcoming album. 'Salt and Water' is a lighter and more melodic track than their previous single 'Adventus'.
[SAMPLE_TEXT] – Lewd & Languid
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[SAMPLE_TEXT] is an interesting and progressive band from Anchorage, Alaska where they create their own unique music. Their rock experiments are based on vintage recording equipment and their own charisma.
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