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William Sanford – Cool Memories
William Sanford is an American electronic musician who uses a wide range of instrumentation of his works to achieve a holistic perception of the musical canvas. His new EP 'Cool Memories' was recently released with 5 epic tracks striking in the breadth of his musical ideas.

In the composition 'You're In For A Treat' synthesizers, percussion and effects create an atmospheric composition woven of melisms and melodies that changes in a kaloidoscopic method and creates a unique mood.  

'Eos Rises Over Columbus, Indiana' captures beautiful dreamy guitar arpeggios and space synthesizers. The soft piano changes the guitar and elevates the revealing motif in harmony with the final electronic part.  

'I Dreamt of Marfa' has a memorable electronic riff that is organically combined with percussion and a smooth background.  

'Together At Rothko Chapel' is a beautiful composition that has a great melody on a retro synthesizer and foggy moments with cinematic effects.  

'Parting Ways on the Saugatuck Shoreline' opens with an alarming piano and a strange background that captures with its musical landscape.  

Listen to the EP 'Cool Memories' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the depths of William Sanford's electronic music.