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October 22, 2021
William Sanford – Cool Memories
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William Sanford is an American electronic musician who uses a wide range of instrumentation of his works to achieve a holistic perception of the musical canvas. His new EP 'Cool Memories' was recently released with 5 epic tracks striking in the breadth of his musical ideas.
Teen Mortgage – Smoked
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American stoner rock duo Teen Mortgage shared the new EP 'Smoked'. The mini-album was released on October 22 on the underground label King Pizza Records.
Arliston – Centre
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London-based indie band Arliston recently released their new single 'Centre'. The song has original creative ideas and a sound that akin to an mix of alternative novelty with indie heritage.
shmaxwell – Everyone I Love Is Here
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17-year-old artist shmaxwell 8 months worked on his EP 'Everyone I Love Is Here' and now it's time for it to appear on all major streaming platforms.
Simon Jela – Safe Place
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The debut EP 'Safe Place' by German singer-songwriter Simon Jela was released on October 1. The mini-album is full of sensual pop music that conveys the essence of feelings, its origin and decline.
Tommy Blu – Congratulations
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Tommy Blu debuted with the single 'Congratulations' on October 22. The singer-songwriter is based in Haifa, Israel where he created the track on his own as a producer.