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Teen Mortgage – Smoked
American stoner rock duo Teen Mortgage shared the new EP 'Smoked'. The mini-album was released on October 22 on the underground label King Pizza Records.

Teen Mortgage have established themselves on the East Coast as leaders of punk and grunge movement and they continue to release a garage hard rock.  

The song 'Shangri-La' is an energetic vibe that represents a post punk verses along with grunge choruses. A powerful raw rock machine moves by inertia and sounds great.  

The title track 'Smoked' sounds like a tensioned spring that's about to break. Wide rock choruses lift its hymns to the heights of human emotions.  

'Ghost Girl' is an experimental track with a gloomy underground sound and soft pop vocals. Stretchy music is organically combined with the melody of the lyrics.  

'Can I Live' is a powerful theme with strong rock riffs. 

The track 'Valley' is a slow and explosive psychedelic ballad that absorbed the monotony, minimalism and colorfulness of oriental ornaments with heavy guitars.  

Listen to the EP 'Smoked' on Spotify below and enjoy Teen Mortgage with their cool music.