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The Cookie Jar Complot – sweet dreams
The Luxembourg instrumental duo The Cookie Jar Complot presented their third official single 'sweet dreams' on October 15. The composition is expansive with wide guitar arrangements and colorful rhythm draws us into a whirlpool of fantasies and melodic ecstasy.

The band is composed of two experimental musicians who are known on the local indie scene as participants in other music projects. A wonderful feeling of music is felt in the single 'sweet dreams' which captures with its transitions and melodic potpourri.  

The post-rock atmosphere and indie guitars are shifted in a single energy flow that leads to a world of creative impulses that inspire dreams and new unfulfilled goals. The music of The Cookie Jar Complot is holistic and clear, it captures all the harmonious bursts and melodic ornaments.  

Listen to the single 'sweet dreams' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in a musical journey with sound vortices from The Cookie Jar Complot.