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Loucas Bretz – Hotel Melody
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Luxembourgish instrumentalist and producer Loucas Bretz shared his new single 'Hotel Melody' on February 10th. This musical composition became the fourth official release of this talented artist.
The Cookie Jar Complot – Cookies
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The band The Cookie Jar Complot continues to release high-quality instrumental music, which is a benchmark for the quality and charisma of modern musical art. The Cookie Jar Complot was founded in 2020 in Luxembourg by two like-minded musicians Gilles and Sven and since then the collective has become a notable phenomenon in the local indie scene.
Sun Smash Palace – Do You Know What I Mean?
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Sun Smash Palace pleased with his new single 'Do You Know What I Mean?' released on March 18. The Luxembourgish indie rock band Sun Smash Palace has a talent for writing memorable songs that have meaning.
The Cookie Jar Complot – CAVIAR CAPITAL
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The band The Cookie Jar Complot is based in Luxembourg where they became part of the local indie scene. They play original instrumental music that combines elements of post-rock and indie rock. The dance component is present in their works, which fills the rhythm with rich melodic lines.
The Cookie Jar Complot – sweet dreams
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The Luxembourg instrumental duo The Cookie Jar Complot presented their third official single 'sweet dreams' on October 15. The composition is expansive with wide guitar arrangements and colorful rhythm draws us into a whirlpool of fantasies and melodic ecstasy.