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ernesto lune – some good air (in search of,)
On October 15, Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist ernesto lune released his debut EP 'some good air (in search of,)'. The mini-album was recorded in the winter of 2021 in the musician's basement studio and consisted of 6 tracks of dream pop and shoegaze music.

ernesto lune uses a wide range of sound colors to convey the state of mind at the time of writing these atmospheric works. The album opens with an instrumental intro 'everything is pretty in retrospect' played by guitar jazz progressions with a switch pedal that carries the sounds of the guitar across the width of the sound waves.  

Next is the title song 'hazy rain' which continues the movement of the previous harmony with the addition of main beats with percussion. 'road block' - sounds fast and mysterious. 'sun don't set' captures with its sound escape and vague sound and wide notes with piercing guitar vibrations.  

'polka dotted sky' is an ambient composition with cinematographic potential. Textual recitation turns into graceful blues with gentle harmonic shifts. 'goodbye paradise' effectively completes the record with a blurry track with guitar arpeggios and foggy vocals and trip hop rhythm.  

Listen to the EP 'some good air (in search of,)' by ernesto lune on Spotify below and discover original music full of atmospheric energy flow.