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Indigo FM – Daffodil
Indie/rock n roll band Indigo FM based in the city of Angels recently delighted its fans with a new single 'Daffodil'. This song captures with its energy that comes from the impulsive guitar playing and colorful rhythm section.

Inspired by the sounds of early indie rock, the band Indigo FM perfectly conveys the atmosphere of injecting musical crescendo that goes from romantic vocal melodies to grunge choruses. The vocals have a beautiful timbre that melts into the cool guitar music. 

Such an interesting portion of indie and alternative rock is interesting and full of characters and images. The clean sound of the band and the energetic mood in the song 'Daffodil' are a great combination of modern rock n roll sounds.  

The new single by Indigo FM is an indie song with enough drive and inspiration that is so needed in our difficult time. Listen to the single 'Daffodil' on Spotify below and remember this organic and original band Indigo FM.