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October 18, 2021
Degenerate Era – Cosmonaut
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The new single by the Nashville rock duo Degenerate Era is called 'Cosmonaut' and it was released on September 8th. This song is a kind of anthem to those last events that have blocked humanity in their progression.
Indigo FM – Daffodil
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Indie/rock n roll band Indigo FM based in the city of Angels recently delighted its fans with a new single 'Daffodil'. This song captures with its energy that comes from the impulsive guitar playing and colorful rhythm section.
The Cookie Jar Complot – sweet dreams
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The Luxembourg instrumental duo The Cookie Jar Complot presented their third official single 'sweet dreams' on October 15. The composition is expansive with wide guitar arrangements and colorful rhythm draws us into a whirlpool of fantasies and melodic ecstasy.
ernesto lune – some good air (in search of,)
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On October 15, Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist ernesto lune released his debut EP 'some good air (in search of,)'. The mini-album was recorded in the winter of 2021 in the musician's basement studio and consisted of 6 tracks of dream pop and shoegaze music.