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A Certain Someone – Pathetic Fallacy
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A Certain Someone is a project of the German-based musician and singer-songwriter René Arbeithuber, who is also known as a member of the bands Slut and Pelzig. Behind him are a dozen excellent records of joint creativity and now he has embarked on a new path of solo art.
Misha Chylkova – Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree
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Misha Chylkova is an interesting and unusual artist who recently finished recording a new album with the help of her longtime colleagues Darren Hayman and Ian Button. On the eve of the release of the new record, Misha Chylkova decided to share the pre-Christmas single 'Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree'.
Frank Rabeyrolles – Japanese dreams
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'Japanese dreams' is the title of the new single of the French singer, songwriter and producer Frank Rabeyrolles. The song was released on November 3 and announced the artist's new album, which will be released in February 2024.
SWIIMS – All I Die For
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Canadian band SWiiMS have unveiled the first single from their upcoming album 'Into The Blue Night'. The song is called 'All I Die For' and it tells about the beginnings of budding love and caution in new relationships.
The Loud Bangs – Why Things Fray
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Productive and promising American shoegaze band The Loud Bangs presented their new EP 'Why Things Fray' on May 16. This mini-album consists of 5 tracks that introduce a kind of width, all-absorbing system of dream pop.
M.Krebs – Peggy Lee
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The well-known veteran of the noise rock and shoegaze scene Spencer Moody is back in the spotlight and now with a new project M.Krebs which also includes Brian Yeager and Jeff Alvarez. On February 9, the band M.Krebs released their debut album called 'Peggy Lee'.
Side Bangs – Wedding Season
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On March 3, the debut single of the New York band Side Bangs was released. The song is called 'Wedding Season' and it was inspired by the appropriate romantic mood created by a couple in love walking through a foggy city.
Elohyek – What’s the Use?
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The band Elohyek is preparing to release their debut album on March 3rd. Their latest single 'What's the Use?' announces the release of a full-length album and gives us another chance to look behind the scenes of this original musical project.
Merrymount! – The State I’m In
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The Italian band Merrymount! is back with a new single 'The State I'm In' that was released on December 9. This song gathered the rock group to creative work, and the result was not long in coming.
5th PROJEKT – Vagabond
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Canadian band 5th PROJEKT released their new single 'Vagabond' on November 15. This musical composition was inspired by the band members' journey to the Camino Santiago de Compostela, the westernmost point in Spain, where the Atlantic Ocean carries its thousand-year-old waves to the shores of old Europe.
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