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San Sebastian – Hear Me Out
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On June 14, a new single by the young Swedish artist San Sebastian was released. The song is called 'Hear Me Out' and it tells about trying to renew a lost relationship and trying to breathe new life into it.
Seema Farswani – Got My Mojo
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EP 'Got My Mojo' by Seema Farswani is a real gift to all fans of sensual and soulful songs. Seema Farswani presented her collection of songs as an outlet and a dedication to her father, whose loss had a strong impact on the artist.
V of Vossae – Vibra
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V of Vossae is a Puertorian artist who has already made a decent statement on the American scene of alternative pop. Collaborating with many famous personalities of modernity, V of Vossae opens a new page of his creativity after a two-year break in music.
Dan Zimmerman – the before times
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The New York indie pop artist Dan Zimmerman released his full EP 'the before times' on June 28. Among the previously released singles there is a new track 'Sharp Words' that sounds amazing in the overall tracklist.
Ali Berke – Stepford Wives
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American artist Ali Berke at the age of 23 has a really powerful mission, uniting different regions of her country with her music, paying tribute to every Major League Baseball Stadium. Traveling to many cities, Ali Berke performs his songs and the American national anthem, thus devoting his work to a higher purpose.
Andrew Caryl x Human Without Gravity – Secret Place
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'Secret Place' is a new single by the American producer and writer Andrew Caryl created in collaboration with the Belgian artist Human Without Gravity. The song reveals the own attitude of this charismatic artist to the noisy and fussy city in which she had to live. Then she thought and dreamed of a secret place to hide from all this in peace and quiet.
Parmjeet Dhillon – India
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Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillon released his deeply personal single, "India," on May 18, 2024. The track serves as a heartfelt tribute to Dhillon's late father and a celebration of his cultural heritage. Known for his emotive storytelling and authentic sound, Parmy Dhillon delivers a compelling piece that intertwines traditional Indian influences with contemporary musical elements.
JRTA – One More Toke
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"One More Toke" by JRTA is a haunting Electronic Pop melody sung over a Dark Trap beat, exploring the depths of addiction and self-deception. This single is intriguing because it's the product of JRTA's solo efforts, with the artist playing guitar, bass, computer, and vocals, primarily using Ableton Live. The song, released on May 31, 2024, showcases JRTA's unique blend of genres and deeply personal storytelling.
Red Skies Mourning – Beautiful Things
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Red Skies Mourning, the solo project of singer/songwriter Chris Aleshire, presents a new cover single, "Beautiful Things," recorded at Create Music Group Studios in Hollywood. This release is part of Aleshire's promotional efforts for his upcoming album, demonstrating his versatility and wide-ranging influences.
Mara Liddle – girl of your dreams
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Mara Liddle's "Girl of Your Dreams" explores modern identity and perception, resonating with the complexities of navigating relationships and self-image in the digital age. Through evocative lyricism, Liddle delves into the unsettling experience of being objectified and misunderstood based solely on superficial glimpses into one's life, whether encountered in the physical realm of work corridors or the virtual landscape of social media. With each verse, she peels back layers of the facade to reveal the vulnerabilities and insecurities beneath, inviting listeners to reflect on their experiences of projection and misinterpretation in a world dominated by curated images and manufactured personas.
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