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The Mighty Missoula – Virga
Post rock is the best fit for our time and we have recently experienced a renaissance of this cool style of music art. Often post-rock is instrumental music and as in our case today it is a classic of the genre. The Mighty Missoula was formed in 2015 in Portland, USA. Their new record is already the third and it is called 'Virga'.

This EP consists of 5 tracks, which are conceptually combined into a single sound stream. Alternating compositions one after another sound mainly in minor instrumentals. Transparent guitar melodies are barely perceptible but still close to us in their coldness and calm. 

A fascinating, hypothetical atmosphere finds itself upon us listening to this sonic pervasive fog into our consciousness. This music deserves to be a soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic world as well as to the historical one when the Earth was just emerging. 

Art work by Clare Giordano also inspires such reflections and the monotonous colors of the artist's brush seem to touch the music of The Mighty Missoula. Listen to the full mini album 'Virga' on Spotify below and enjoy the post rock masterpiece from The Mighty Missoula.