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Marie Conniffe – The Door
The story of one song can be as fascinating and interesting as a lifetime. The song 'The Door' is 16 years old and it's time to release it. Author Marie Conniffe took another look at her work and released it as a new single on July 9th.

Singer-songwriter Marie is originally from Ireland, where she currently lives. Life brought her to distant lands and opened new cultures and new people to her. Back in 2005, while in Seoul, Korea, Marie first began writing her own songs. And one of those songs was 'The Door'. At the same time, at one of the local venues, the singer sang this piece for the first time.  

Inspired by folk and blues music from the legendary Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin, Marie went into her own world of art. The song 'The Door' helped her open this door and since then the artist has composed own songs and shown them to the public.

This song is for the soul and it rings via membranes of our consciousness and makes us think about what is outside the door. Her own accompaniment on the acoustic guitar is as sharp and sincere as it was originally invented. 

Marie Conniffe moves forward. Her creativity is her inner strength that allows her to do so. Listen to the single 'The Door' below on Spotify and open your hidden treasure doors with Marie Conniffe.