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July 13, 2021
Satchit – the garden
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The artist Satchit is based in South London. His new release is the EP 'the garden' which continues the line of his own work based on a mix of alternative music. The mini album consists of 6 songs that force us pass emotional outbursts and recessions.
Marie Conniffe – The Door
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The story of one song can be as fascinating and interesting as a lifetime. The song 'The Door' is 16 years old and it's time to release it. Author Marie Conniffe took another look at her work and released it as a new single on July 9th.
The Mighty Missoula – Virga
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Post rock is the best fit for our time and we have recently experienced a renaissance of this cool style of music art. Often post-rock is instrumental music and as in our case today it is a classic of the genre. The Mighty Missoula was formed in 2015 in Portland, USA. Their new record is already the third and it is called 'Virga'.
The County Affair – Bourbon Breakfast
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Kevin Brennan and Tony Regan formed the country rock duo The County Affair 30 years after their musical adventures in America. All these years, school friends withdrew from active creative life and went about their business in Nottingham, England.
Ex Ømerta – The End Of The End Of The World
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Rock band Ex Ømerta is based in Winnipeg, Canada. Talented musicians and friends created this band to share their work and thus be realized. Their new release took place on July 2. The single has the epic title 'The End Of The End Of The World' and in fact it best fits its title.
Annette Gregory – Lonely
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On July 2, British singer Annette Gregory presented her new work - the single 'Lonely'. This is a very intimate song. Annete wrote this after an open conversation with her mother before she left this world.