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The County Affair – Bourbon Breakfast
Kevin Brennan and Tony Regan formed the country rock duo The County Affair 30 years after their musical adventures in America. All these years, school friends withdrew from active creative life and went about their business in Nottingham, England.

When they felt it was time for The Country Affair, they immediately began recording their Americana-style masterpieces. Influenced by Irish folk and American country, the friends continued their musical journey together. Their new single 'Bourbon Breakfast' was released on July 6 and it brought us a fresh gem of everlasting country music. 

At a moderate tempo with a lingering sound of guitars, calm verses of reflection on the day and its movement are heard. It all starts with bourbon breakfast and it helps to start the day says one side of the narrator. But in the chorus there is another opinion that it actually kills. Two such different opinions are formed in many people who know the price of bourbon breakfast and do not know what is more important in the choice. Bourbon comes as a friend and as a killer in this song so everyone has to own themselves and find their right way to life. 

The band's music is a wonderful guitar arrangement with a soft rhythm section. The vocals with their emotions introduce us to empathy and we perceive this song as a real life story. Listen to the single 'Bourbon Breakfast' below on Spotify and enjoy the beautiful sounds of Americana from The Country Affair.