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Steve Young UK – Feelin Fine
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British guitarist and singer-songwriter Steve Young UK has already made a name for himself with three albums and a dozen singles and EPs, distinguished by quality live music with elements of rock, blues and country.
Down South Pepper band – Hand in my Pocket
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On January 12, Down South Pepper band released their new single 'Hand in my Pocket'. The song tells about the fragility of money and worries about its safety. The richer the person, the greater the concern for their wealth, and this is true.
Painted Friends – Cain Complex
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On January 12, a new single by the Detroit band Painted Friends was released. The song is called 'Cain Complex' and it and echoes the story of Abel and Cain.
Backstrom – Train Wreck Coming (feat. Bart Topher)
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'Train Wreck Coming' is the title of the new single of the Swedish songwriter Backstrom, which was released on January 7. The song was recorded in Buenos Aires by producer Fransisco Paz in his studio. American vocalist Bart Thoper added his vocals, and the track was mixed and mastered by Gabe Wolf.
Backstrom – The Journey (feat. Bart Topher)
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Backstrom is a solo artist who writes and records songs filled with deep meaning and the truth of life. His single 'The Journey' reveals to us a wonderful singer-songwriter who has something to say.
Rusty Reid – The United States of Selfishness
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'The United States of Selfishness' is a philosophical and political work of art by the American artist Rusty Reid. This extremely deep and fair song allows us to immerse ourselves in the current problems of our planet, its ecological disaster and political malaise.
Michael Louis Austin – Cinnamon
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'Cinnamon' is the title of the new single of the American singer-songwriter Michael Louis Austin. This song was written by the author as a reflection on why we all need someone who will make our lives brighter and deeper.
Jennifer Alvarado – Colorado
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Jennifer Alvarado's creative path has seen significant awards that support her talent and inspire her to move forward to the musical Olympus. Her songs have a special magic that attracts attention with their stories taken from life itself.
Vili V – Tupelo Rhythm
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Ahead of the release of his new album, the Canadian singer-songwriter Vili V pleased us with the single 'Tupelo Rhythm'. The track is inspiring and uncompromising, with the burning energy of country rock, it carries the power of hope and confidence in the future.
John Taglieri – Part Time Love
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On June 30, a new single by the American singer-songwriter John Taglieri was released. The new release is called 'Part Time Love' and became another step on the bright creative path of the artist.
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