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Carson Ferris – Ghosts
On July 5, Carson Ferris shared his new song 'Ghosts'. This track became a real decoration of the colorful music catalog of the artist. Carson Ferris is a young artist who is taking confident steps in the field of modern show business.

The single 'Ghosts' is Carson Ferris' first collaboration with producer Matthew Parker. Carson Ferris decided to make this song electronic, but it's not exactly a dance track, but more of a lyrical song that needs to be emotionally felt. 

Carson Ferris' beautiful vocals are his absolute asset and in his new track we have the opportunity to enjoy his vocal lines. The song 'Ghosts' tells about the scars of past relationships and the importance of leaving them where they were. This song is of a romantic nature and despite its sad motive, the track opens perspectives for new paths.  

Listen to the single 'Ghosts' below on Spotify and appreciate the talented new work from Carson Ferris.