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The FrannyO Show – Carolina
On June 28, American artist The FrannyO Show released his new single 'Carolina'. This song will be part of his new album 'Box Of Time', which is scheduled to be released on August 9.

The FrannyO Show became a singer-songwriter, one can say spontaneously, when the guitar he gave his daughter did not interest her and one day he found it under the bed and the music started. The FrannyO Show combines elements of country, folk and Caribbean motifs in his work, thus creating fantastically sincere songs. His life experience allows him to create song masterpieces taken from life itself.  

The FrannyO Show's silky singing immerses us in its song stories, quenching our thirst for life wisdom and understanding of simple things. The song 'Carolina' is dedicated to the artist's daughter and reflections on her resemblance and the emotional appeal of this image. 'Carolina' is a song that perfectly captures the talent of the musician and songwriter The FrannyO Show.

Listen to the single 'Carolina' below on Spotify and follow the work of a deep artist The FrannyO Show.