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July 7, 2024
The Harbours – So Sweet
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Indie duo The Harbours was formed in 2024 by two musician friends after graduating from university. Actually, the guys have been cooperating together since 2020 and had about 40 joint performances.
Jack Bailey – Open Heart Surgery
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On July 1, the new EP of the London indie artist Jack Bailey was released. The mini-album is called 'Open Heart Surgery' and contains 5 original tracks recorded and mixed by Jack Bailey himself in his home studio in London.
Carson Ferris – Ghosts
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On July 5, Carson Ferris shared his new song 'Ghosts'. This track became a real decoration of the colorful music catalog of the artist. Carson Ferris is a young artist who is taking confident steps in the field of modern show business.
The FrannyO Show – Carolina
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On June 28, American artist The FrannyO Show released his new single 'Carolina'. This song will be part of his new album 'Box Of Time', which is scheduled to be released on August 9.
V of Vossae – Vibra
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V of Vossae is a Puertorian artist who has already made a decent statement on the American scene of alternative pop. Collaborating with many famous personalities of modernity, V of Vossae opens a new page of his creativity after a two-year break in music.
Jay Blakcs – Luv Di Gyal Dem
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Jay Blakcs is an artist who is open to a wide range of experiments, while clearly focusing on his Caribbean affiliation. Originally from a small town in Jamaica, Jay Blakcs has made his own way to be who he is now.
Belouis Some – Imagination
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'Imagination' is a song that with renewed vigor bursts into the field of view of all music lovers who adore and appreciate the classics. Belouis Some wrote and first recorded this hit in the mid-80s and ignited many hearts that still love and enjoy this song.
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NIGHT WHIP was formed in 2018 in Grand Junction, Colorado by two members of the band Bronco Country, guitarist Griff Chiono and bassist Colin Keefe. In their new music project, the guys play a unique form of music that contains elements of country, stoner, sludge and psychedelic.