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Astralix – Velocity
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'Velocity' is a new single from Astralix, a music project managed by Gary Dranow. The release of this song enriched his colorful music catalog with a truly bright musical composition.
Gary Mictian – I Cant Do This Anymore
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On February 2, a new single by the London artist Gary Mictian was released. The song is called 'I Cant Do This Anymore' and it will be included in the upcoming mini-album 'Nosedive'.
Astralix – Still Raining
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Astralix is an EDM project of the well-known American musician Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions. We have already mentioned the previous two singles of this project, which were released last year, and now it is time for their fresh release called 'Still Raining'.
Gollnir – Party song
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The Icelandic band Gollnir started its creative activity in 2020. Their music immediately captured the attention of electronic pop fans and was noticed as a new phenomenon on the Reykjavík indie scene.
Astralix – The Rhythm Fills My Soul
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'The Rhythm Fills My Soul' is the first EDM single of the music project Astralix, which represents another side of the creativity of Gary Dranow and his musical team. Gary Dranow impresses every time with the scope of his musical preferences and experiments.
Astralix – Lost and Found
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'Lost and Found' is the new single from Astralix, behind which is the well-known musician Gary Dranow and his The Manic Emotions. Astralix releases songs in the EDM style once again highlighting the versatile talent of Gary Dranow and his musical team.
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QRIAN is a South Korean artist who demonstrates her kind of unique creativity filled with life itself. Her new EP 'BOSS' came out 4 years after the debut release and consists of the single 'BOSS' and its three remixes.
Mara Liddle – All Over The Place
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On September 29, a new single by the British artist Mara Liddle was released. 'All Over The Place' is a song that makes us move, dance and hum a catchy motif. Mara Liddle's talent organically captures cool ideas, giving us a lot of pleasure from her songs.
Hawk Jupiter – Land Beneath Waves
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On September 29, a new single called 'Land Beneath Waves' by Irish producer Hawk Jupiter was released. The track was created in collaboration with the Irish singer Lauren Davis whose sensual voice perfectly conveyed the aesthetics of the song.
SAGE SUEDE – Dirty Blonde
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SAGE SUEDE is a charismatic contemporary artist who has absorbed such passions as electronic music and modeling. SAGE SUEDE is based in Austin, USA, where he is known as a bright and promising personality.
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