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Producing A Kind Generation – Eternal Sunshine
Producing A Kind Generation is a unique band that combines elements of alternative rock and rap in its works. Currently, the group is preparing for the release of their new full-length album and the single 'Eternal Sunshine' is the first swallow from their upcoming record.

'Eternal Sunshine' is a song of doubt, anticipation and hope. Its rap verses contain some amazing truth of life. The live sound of their ensemble is unlike any other. Pure groove, funk and rock create a special atmosphere. 

Musically, the track is simple and concise. The guitar solo, at first clean and at the end overloaded, fits perfectly into this musical composition. Bass lines and drums are like one organism, and keyboards are warm and silky. The vocal part is real rap from the 90s that organically coexists with modern funk rock.  

In the music video 'Eternal Sunshine, in addition to the band itself, there is also a charming girl who seems to be conducting a non-verbal dialogue with the vocalist. The band plays in the bosom of nature on the grass under the sun and their picnic is a sign of a lively and poetic approach to life.  

Watch the music video 'Eternal Sunshine' below on YouTube and enjoy quality music content from the promising Producing A Kind Generation.