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Producing A Kind Generation – Eternal Sunshine
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Producing A Kind Generation is a unique band that combines elements of alternative rock and rap in its works. Currently, the group is preparing for the release of their new full-length album and the single 'Eternal Sunshine' is the first swallow from their upcoming record.
Wagner the Band – Run Away with Me
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'Run Away with Me' is a new single from the Austrian band Wagner the Band, created in collaboration with the British singer Helena May. The song was released on June 21 and marked a new phase in the creativity of this talented group.
Tidal Water – Imperfection
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On June 7, the Norwegian-based band Tidal Water released a new single 'Imperfection'. The track opens the curtain to their upcoming album 'Polarity' and speaks of the remarkable musical talent of all members of this creative collective.
EEF Early Ettringite Formation – Something For You
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On March 1, EEF Early Ettringite Formation released a new single 'Something For You'. The band was formed in 2015 in Marotta, ​​Italy and since then they have been gaining momentum giving their fans really quality music.
Calum Ingram – Show Me The Way
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On January 4, a new single by the Scottish artist and musician Calum Ingram was released. The song is called 'Show Me The Way' and it opens the curtain of his new album, which will be released in the spring of this year.
Speak Easy Circus – Gros Michel
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On July 20, a new single by the British band Speak Easy Circus was released. The song is called 'Gros Michel' and it is a kind of manifesto of how we do not pay attention to seemingly small things that are behind big evil deeds.
Lato – Camouflage
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On August 23, the new single of the Italian rock band Lato was released. The song is called 'Camouflage' and it precedes the appearance of their new album 'KARISMA'.
The Mars McClanes – The Worriers
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On May 13, was released a new single of the American band The Mars McClanes. The song called 'The Worriers' and it talks about the need to cast doubt on the path of life and realize all the chances that life gives.
Nerd Salad – Dogmeat
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The American band Nerd Salad presented their new single on May 13. The song is called 'Dogmeat' and it is part of the band's debut album. Fans of Nerd Salad have already had the opportunity to hear this composition more than once since the very first concerts that took place in 2016.
Frankie Crea – Plateaus
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Frankie Crea is back after a three-year hiatus with a new single called 'Plateaus'. The release of the new song took place on April 29 and it marked a new period in the creative path of this original Australian artist.
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