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Looporia – Mothership Down
'Mothership Down' is the second single from Texas indie rock band Looporia, released on June 28. The band's founder is Daniel Lopez, also known as Daniel Longoria and this song is a kind of dedication to his friends and family, from which the artist temporarily distanced himself in order to get to know himself better.

Living by the sea, Daniel remembers that life recently where everything went differently and as if breaking away from it, the artist might open new doors leading to a new unknown world. 

Warm and soulful vocals beautifully lead their line against the background of impulsive indie pop accompaniment. Atmospheric synth waves add a dreamy feel to this song, and in tandem with the vocal candor, it achieves a strong aesthetic impact.  

The song 'Mothership Down' by Looporia is a wonderful song that reveals the inner state and potential of the artist. Listen to the single 'Mothership Down' below on Spotify and discover new work from the impressive Looporia.