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Chapell – When the Music Plays Again
Alan Chapell is a talented musician and singer-songwriter who helps people live and hope with his music. His creative path is full of events and important collaborations that made him who he is.

'When the Music Plays Again' is a new single by Chapell that opens a new chapter of his artistic endeavors. The song pays tribute to the power of music and its amazing influence on human consciousness. Alan Chapell has an advanced degree in privacy and human rights and perhaps this prompts him to reveal the human soul in detail. 

The song 'When the Music Plays Again' has everything, from a beautiful vocal melody and really bright singing to beautiful musical textures filled with guitar and violin. It's a lively and encouraging song that will not leave anyone indifferent.  

Listen to the single 'When the Music Plays Again' below on Spotify and follow the work of the talented and deep artist Chapell.