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Gary Dranow – Mother’s Angry
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Gary Dranow's new single 'Mother's Angry' was released on February 8. The song tells about climate change and issues related to it.
Gary Dranow – Self Sacrafice
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Remembering the series of new songs from Gary Dranow, we could not bypass his fresh rock release 'Self Sacrafice'. This heartbreaking hard rock track goes straight to our hearts with its powerful message.
Gary Dranow – Ripping
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On January 18, Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions released a new single 'Ripping'. This cool hard rock track is synonymous with drive, rhythm and virtuosity.
Gary Dranow – Bedroom Mentor
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Gary Dranow continues to give us fresh rock music filled with classic elements of this style and its modern vibes. Such is his new single 'Bedroom Mentor', which was released on January 11.
Gary Dranow – Sandy Beaches
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On November 30, a new single by the American rock artist Gary Dranow was released. The song is called 'Sandy Beaches' and is dedicated to the sad story of a homeless war veteran in Santa Monica, California. The hard riff structure of the song 'Sandy Beaches' conquers the hearts of hard rock lovers and we gladly added it to our playlists.
Gary Dranow – Destiny Road (Remix)
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The album 'Destiny Road' from the American band Gary Drsanow and the Manic Emotions is a true masterpiece of modern blues and hard rock. Gary Dranow once again proved himself as a first-class musician and songwriter.
Jay Luke – Me And My Demons
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American rock artist Jay Luke shared his fourth solo album 'Me And My Demons' on October 20. According to the author of this record, this is the best thing he has done to date. Indeed, two singles 'Me And My Demons' and 'You'll Never Beat The Addiction' have already attracted the attention of fans of modern hard rock and metal.
Koburg – Silent Voices
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The British artist Koburg stands out among others due to the uniqueness of her musical project. Koburg Andersen created her own one-woman band where she sings absolutely all vocal and plays instrumental parts.
Mike Masser – True Grit
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American guitarist and singer Mike Masser is a real master of writing cool rock songs. His music catalog features a colorful collection of powerful tracks. The album 'True Grit' was released in 2021 and it perfectly illustrates Mike Masser's musical talent.
Will Sims – You Have a Voice, Use It
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American rock artist Will Sims presented his new album 'You Have a Voice, Use It' on October 9. The record includes 8 original tracks that open a new stage in the work of this talented singer-songwriter.
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