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RPKprincess – crybaby
RPKprincess is a music project created in New York by Bella, a musician, gamer and artist. Her extensive experience in the field of music production allowed her to debut with her own single 'crybaby'.

This song was recorded by RPKprincess in the studio where she worked as an assistant to the Grammy Award-winning producer. The secret of this story is that the recording was made during the absence of the producer who went to Los Angeles at that time.  

This interesting story opens before us a truly charismatic artist. The song 'crybaby' has a rather experimental sound. Indie pop minimalism fascinates from the first beats with elegant beats and atmospheric synthesizer waves.  

Sweet vocals flow with beautiful lines over calm verses until they are supported by guitar accents, the sound of which is the result of searching for unique vibes. The sad motif is drawn from the story of the crybaby and reflects the original aesthetics of the song.  

'crybaby' from RPKprincess is a drop of freshness in the ocean of unknown modern music and we strongly recommend listening to this release right now on Spotify.