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Gary Dranow – Mother’s Angry
Gary Dranow's new single 'Mother's Angry' was released on February 8. The song tells about climate change and issues related to it.

Humanity has gone too far and the consequences of our activities are too obvious. But we have to turn our attention again and again to the catastrophic climate change and songs like 'Mother's Angry' are a real help to truth seekers.  

The song 'Mother's Angry' has a hard rock sound that catches us with its uncompromising mood. Rolling guitar drive and cascading drums fill this musical composition with strong rock energy. The vocal part has a disturbing tone that adds to the appropriate atmosphere.  

The track 'Mother's Angry' is full of the necessary mission to once again draw our attention to the destructive consequences of environmental negligence. Listen to the single 'Mother's Angry' below on Spotify and rate the new work from the cool Gary Dranow.