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Tracy Eckstrand – Who Is Gonna Rescue You
Tracy Eckstrand is a talented singer-songwriter from Rochester, New York who puts a piece of her heart into her work. Her songs are pure and true, they are filled with life wisdom and acceptance of life as it is.

Tracy Eckstrand's debut mini-album 'Who Is Gonna Rescue You' was released last fall, and we keep coming back to this record again and again to enjoy a beautiful collection of folk rock songs. EP 'Who Is Gonna Rescue You' consists of 6 tracks, each of which tells its own special story. 

The artist's sensitive, homely warm vocals entice us to listen to the stories and reasoning and find solace and a kind of advice there. Beautiful musical arrangements fill the presented tracks with a velvety guitar sound with laconic harmonies and catchy hooks.  

'Who Is Gonna Rescue You' is a record that speaks of a truly promising artist, and we believe that her talent will take her to the musical Olympus. Listen to EP 'Who Is Gonna Rescue You' below on Spotify and follow the work of the original artist Tracy Eckstrand.