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Tyller Gummersall – Hot Desert Night Dance Floor
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On February 9, American artist singer-songwriter Tyller Gummersall released his new single 'Hot Desert Night Dance Floor'. Currently, the artist is working on a new album that will be released at the end of this year.
Tracy Eckstrand – Who Is Gonna Rescue You
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Tracy Eckstrand is a talented singer-songwriter from Rochester, New York who puts a piece of her heart into her work. Her songs are pure and true, they are filled with life wisdom and acceptance of life as it is.
Mortal Prophets – GUITARWORKS
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Mortal Prophets is the brainchild of an extraordinary musician and artist John Beckmann, who creates his own heritage, whimsical, fantastic and unique. His special view of life and death is organically conveyed in his work, and there is something in his music that touches, beckons and calls.
La Need Machine – I Wish I Could Fly
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La Need Machine is a band that best represents the modern indie scene in Seattle, USA. A collective of like-minded musicians gathered together to create and play cool music that incorporated elements of Americana, indie rock and melodic punk.
Daniel Young – Help Us Get Along
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Daniel Young continues the line of legendary country and rock and roll names, creating his own unique musical legacy. His original approach to writing life-like and wise songs makes him great already, and we were happy to get to know his work.
Seán R McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows – Feathers
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'Feathers' is the title of the new single from the Scottish artist Seán R McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows. The song will also appear on the artist's full-length album, which will be released in 2024.
Charlie Diamond – New York’s Been Good To Me
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Musician Charlie Diamond can sometimes be found in New England, New York or anywhere else in the country. His permanent attribute is the guitar and soulful voice. His faithful dog can also be nearby, and those people who meet Charlie Diamond for the first time and get to know his work certainly think that he is definitely a talented guy.
The Simple Joy – Unravel
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The band The Simple Joy was formed in Durham, NC in 2019 by four like-minded friends. Since then, there was a lot of interesting and instructive things on their way, the band survived the isolation associated with the pandemic and gathered new ideas for songs that were realized in their album 'Unravel'.
Ed Bennett – World’s Between
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On July 7, a new single called 'World's Between' by the London artist Ed Bennett was released. 'World's Between' is also the title of the artist's upcoming album, which is preparing to be released on Marquee Records.
Enda Mulloy – Rainbow Frogs in Midlife Crisis
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On July 14, the solo album of the Irish musician and songwriter Enda Mulloy was released. The record is called 'Rainbow Frogs in Midlife Crisis' and it presents a new stage of creativity of this talented artist.
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