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Brian Hingerty – Storm
On February 5, London artist Brian Hingerty shared his new single 'Storm'. This is the first release since his debut EP and it is a true reflection of the modern creative impulses of this talented artist.

The song 'Storm' was recorded in collaboration with the producer Sol Boyd-Stevenson in Brian Hingerty's home London studio. As the artist himself notes, the entire recording process lasted 2 hours, and this was enough to record and give birth this bright song live.

'Storm' tells about the end of summer vacation with its noisy companies and drunken festivities. A new phase of life has not yet come into its own, but thunderstorms outside the window remind us of upcoming changes.  

Velvet vocals together with acoustic folk arpeggios perfectly reflect the aesthetics of the song. Hypnotic guitar slides fill the musical composition with mystery and sensuality.  

Listen to the single 'Storm' below on Spotify and discover the work of insightful and charismatic artist Brian Hingerty.