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Pleaning – supersolo
Pleaning is an electronic musician and producer who writes and records his own music independently. Pleaning is based in Munich, Germany where the magic of creativity happens in his home studio.

Inspired by such musical groups as Daft Punk and Röyksopp, Pleaning sets out on its own path filled with dreams, impulses and sensations. His album 'supersolo' was released on February 2 and consists of 10 original tracks. Before us is a tracklist of cool electronic pop music with an exquisite groove and melodic parts.  

Pumped-up basses and warm electronic beats intertwine here in a whimsical dance with synthesizer waves and electrified arpeggios. The presented tracks lined up in front of us in a logical sequence, conveying their mood, grace and rhythm to each other. 'supersolo' by Pleaning is a worthy work of an independent producer who is looking for his musical face on a diverse cultural map of the world.  

Listen to the album 'supersolo' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the aura of special creativity from Pleaning.