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MELFI – I Got You
Melfi is an ambitious electronic musician who is definitely a manifestation of the latest trends in electronic music. His new single 'I Got You' was released on February 2 and signaled a new turn in MELFI's career.

This track was released on SONO Music which added weight and value to it. 'I Got You' has an original, innovative sound that crosses elements of drum and bass and garage, house and techno. Such a unique mix captivates with dynamics and dance impulses and invites us to a hot dance floor.  

The rhythmic structure of the track is saturated with cascading beats with light unobtrusive accents. Synth vibes intersect in a strange whirlwind of musical arrangement, and vocal lines are filled with experimental forms and additional backing vocals.  

Listen to the single 'I Got You' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new track from the promising MELFI.