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Pleaning Рsupersolo
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Pleaning is an electronic musician and producer who writes and records his own music independently. Pleaning is based in Munich, Germany where the magic of creativity happens in his home studio.
Hannah Johnson – Slow Motion
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American singer-songwriter and musician Hannah Johnson debuted with the single 'Slow Motion' on December 15. Her whole life, starting from early childhood, was filled with music. Her three favorite musical instruments are drums, piano, and guitar, which she continues to play to this day.
Remi Charles – Charles
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London-based artist Remi Charles presented his new EP release 'Succession' on October 20. The record includes two tracks that are a great reflection of the talent of this singer-songwriter and producer.
Fat Cat Affair – Empty Bed
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'Empty Bed' is a new song from Fat Cat Affair, released on August 29. Fat Cat continues his legendary creative path, bringing us a truly wonderful song every time. His collaborations with artists from all over the world are amazing in scope and appealing in the variety of talents he has collected.
Ari Joshua – Lights Out
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Ari Joshua with a group of well-known musicians, which includes Eden Ladin - keys, Andy Hess - bass and John Kimock - drums, presented a new track 'Lights Out'. As a guitarist and composer, Ari Joshua always surprises music lovers with the variety of his releases, offering something fresh every time.
The Fundamental Sound – The Fundamental Sound
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American musician and producer Dan Klug and his solo project The Fundamental Sound presented self-titled album on April 11. The record consists of 7 instrumental tracks based on the groove and cool melody of the Wurlitzer 200 piano.
Haqibatt – L’Electronique des Songes
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French musical duo Haqibatt presents a fantastic collaboration based on their excellent bass and percussion playing. Perhaps fate brought them together for this creativity in the city of Strasbourg, where they already had time to prove themselves on the local professional scene.
Gully – See The Sun
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The British artist Gully realizes his creative ideas independently as an indie musician. Gully is a multi-instrumentalist and the breadth of his musical talents is impressive as the number of musical instruments he plays.
Vienna Groove Unit – Raw
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Four professional musicians from Vienna, Austria with extensive concert experience immersed themselves in the realization of their creative potential. The band is named Vienna Groove Unit and they released debut album 'Raw' on December 9. The record has collected 6 instrumental songs that 100 percent confirm the name of the band.
Resonus – Resonus
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The album of instrumental music was presented by the band Resonus from Poerto Rico. 8 compositions of awesome musical skills and inspiring jazz rock ideas will heal every lover of real live music.