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Sam Feinstein – Maslow’s Mountain
The creative path of the American musician and producer Sam Feinstein is rich and bright. Behind him was a musical childhood spent in Massachusetts, studying music production in Miami, touring with a Nashville blues rock band and moving to San Jose where he worked for Amazon and continued to play in various bands.

The time has come and Sam Feinstein decided to go free swimming while playing and recording his solo project. His previous releases gave him the love of listeners and this pushed him to further musical experiments. We have before us a fresh single 'Maslow's Mountain' from Sam Feinstein that was released on February 1. This track perfectly demonstrates Sam Feinstein's ability to combine styles and work on rhythm and melody.

'Maslow's Mountain' has its own groove and charm that attracts such charismatic music. The bass line is brightly highlighted by slap and syncopation and is supported by rich rhythms. Original bridges and interesting inserts make this musical composition even more colorful and impressive. The vocals perfectly convey the mood and aesthetics of this song. Indeed, sometimes it is incredibly difficult to follow Maslov's pyramid when you are a creative person.

Listen to the single 'Maslow's Mountain' below on Spotify and appreciate the work of the wonderful musician and producer Sam Feinstein.