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The Connecting Dots – Dancing On Water Lilies
'Dancing On Water Lilies' is the title of the new single by the Swedish band The Connecting Dots, which was released on January 26. The Connecting Dots create memorable music that perfectly illustrates modern life with its rapid pace of life and the desire for freedom.

The band's two albums were recorded during the pandemic and are more dreamy in nature. At the moment, The Connecting Dots have come to a more rock sound and the single 'Dancing On Water Lilies' is a great example of the band's new creative impulses. The song sounds rich, bright and at the same time atmospheric. 

Retro synthesizers and thoughtful guitar parts are perfectly combined with a dynamic arrangement. The vocal line is melodic and attractive, it beckons to the very center of life. Night parties with friends, what could be better for the young and free. Everyone wants them to last longer and never end. But this is followed by another part of this fun, with its dark consequences.  

In the music video 'Dancing On Water Lilies', we get to spend time with beautiful young people and experience all the color of one day and night taken from their lives. A wonderful montage and life mise-en-scènes create their own special aura in which we want to dive and be inspired by everything that life gives.  

Watch the music video 'Dancing On Water Lilies' below on YouTube and stay tuned for more work from the talented and promising band The Connecting Dots.