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Madame Psychosis – Hopeless
Madame Psychosis is an indie rock band from Toronto, Canada that successfully combines modern influences with classic rock vibes in their music. After a successful debut album in 2017, the band continued their creative journey by adding amazing songs to their colorful music catalog.

On January 31, Madame Psychosis released a new single 'Hopeless'. The song has an original sound filled with soul and gospel elements. 'Hopeless' is a powerful ballad that begins with sensual and sincere verses that gradually turn into emotional choruses filled with heartbreaking experiences and new hopes.

The song tells about separation from a loved one and how it affects a person's inner state. Incredible heartache meets everyone who finds themselves in such a situation, but later it becomes clear that it gives way to a new beginning and new hopes. A powerful vocal line is the core of this song and a cool soft rock accompaniment organically supports the dynamics of the track. 'Hopeless' from Madame Psychosis is another track that reveals the great talent of the band.  

Listen to the single 'Hopeless' below on Spotify and enjoy a bright new song from Madame Psychosis.