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Harry JyBe – Summer View
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Harry JyBe hails from Sheffield, where he developed his unique style of indie rock. His music has bright guitar coloring and penetrating vocals.
Oliver Jordan – Depression Starter Pack
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Oliver Jordanpresented his new EP 'Depression Starter Pack' on June 25. The tracklist of his new release consists of 6 songs that are united by one atmosphere and mood.
Magua – Silence Sirens Storm
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Released on April 24, 2024, "Silence Sirens Storm" is the latest single from Magua, a one-person band hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine. Known for his eclectic blend of breakbeat, punk, electronic, hardcore punk, grunge, folk, and funk, Magua's music defies traditional genre boundaries. The single, accompanied by an animated music video, explores time, perception, and existential uncertainty themes.
Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe – DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?
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On May 10, a joint track by Los Angeles alternative rockers Love Ghost and Cinnamon Babe was released. The song in an emotional form reveals the struggle and search for oneself among those who want to destroy us.
Shoun Shoun – We Woke The Monster
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'We Woke The Monster' is the new single from Bristol band Shoun Shoun. Four charismatic musicians create truly original music that fascinates with its inventiveness and expediency. This is primarily alternative rock with its more experimental, dark essence that takes us to the roots of noise rock and even further to post-punk traditions.
ScreamingMechanicalBrain – Connie Was A Reptile
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ScreamingMechanicalBrain presented their new single 'Connie Was A Reptile'. As the band's vocalist points out, 'Connie Was A Reptile', this is their best track so far. Musically, this is an epic kind of musical composition that has its own beginning, development and culmination.
Native Speaker – aqua therapeutic
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The band Native Speaker started its creative activity in 2022 in London. Four like-minded musicians gathered to create their own special music. Native Speaker absorbs the charisma of alternative rock, the elegance of new wave and the strangeness of post-punk.
LLeow – Sacrifice
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'Sacrifice' is the title of the second official single of the Austrian artist LLeow. Only recently she made a great debut with the song '1995' and her subsequent releases are designed to introduce us to her upcoming debut album, which is scheduled for release in early 2025.
Love Ghost – GOD DAMN
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American band Love Ghost and Mexican artist ND Kobi presented a new track 'GOD DAMN' on April 18. The song tells about the isolation of the main character's inner world and his efforts to understand what is happening around him.
Jane N’ The Jungle – Life of the Party (Acoustic)
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Jane N' The Jungle shared an acoustic version of 'Life of the Party', the title track of their new mini-album. Jordan White's vocals flow in a new way in Brian Dellis' harsh and raw acoustic guitar. Her emotional power fully reveals the essence and aesthetics of this song.
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