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Stuart Lawrence – Paradise
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Stuart Lawrence is a British musician and songwriter who released his debut album 'One' last year. His love for creativity inspired him to pick up the guitar and write really cool songs.
Jane N’ The Jungle – Life of the Party
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On February 23, the new EP of the Arizona band Jane N' The Jungle was released. The mini-album consists of 6 powerful tracks whose aesthetic is filled with themes of sadness, disappointment and inner strength.
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On February 23, the new EP of the American band Love Ghost was released. The mini-album is called 'THE SPEED OF DREAMING' and includes 4 original tracks.
Santa Claws – Grain of Sand
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On January 27, a new single by the French rock band Santa Claws was released. The song is called 'Grain of Sand' and it is the second single from their upcoming album '...So live and let lie'.
The Connecting Dots – Dancing On Water Lilies
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'Dancing On Water Lilies' is the title of the new single by the Swedish band The Connecting Dots, which was released on January 26. The Connecting Dots create memorable music that perfectly illustrates modern life with its rapid pace of life and the desire for freedom.
Oliver Jordan – Secret 13
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'Secret 13' is the title of the new single of the American artist Oliver Jordan. The song will be included on his upcoming album and reveals the latest creative impulses of this independent artist.
SIR-VERE – Legion (Remixes)
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Immediately after the release of the single 'Legion', the British band SIR-VERE shared a new maxi single containing 7 remixes of the song. SIR-VERE know how and with whom to do charismatic things, and now we have a whole collection of tracks in front of us that completely immerses us in the aesthetics of this song.
Tarita – Digital Void
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Tarita is an artist who returns to her second self after an 18-year creative break. She is a scientist by day and an artist by night, and here and there she realizes her essence thanks to research activities.
Think Sanity – Sad Kaiju
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Think Sanity is a band that was formed in Anniston, Alabama in 2017 by husband and wife duo Trent and Andie Johnson. Later, the group was supplemented by musician friends and their music catalog was filled with bright and emotional alternative rock.
Love Ghost – Angelic
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On January 19, the new single of the American band Love Ghost was released. The song is called 'Angelic' and it perfectly reveals the band's ability to write heartbreaking ballads.
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