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Sink to the Sea – Sink to the Sea
Californian post-rock trio Sink to the Sea gave the world a stunning self-titled album late last year. The 9 tracks of the album are mesmerizing and allow you to dive headlong into the true musical art of today.

Sink to the Sea is a kind of experimental group, working on the verge of meditative improvisation and psychedelic immersion into the most hidden corners of our soul. The music presented on the record 'Sink to the Sea' is original in its essence and influences. 

As the musicians themselves note, they are influenced by many factors and ideas: from early Pink Floyd to horror films and soundtracks, from ambient and drone to abstract art. Such is the sound palette of their tracks, where we can get lost and surrender to the quiet or emotional-impulsive flow of their music. 'Sink to the Sea' is a real gift to all lovers of alien, cosmic and strange music.  

Listen to the album 'Sink to the Sea' below on Spotify and dive into the depths of creativity of cool Sink to the Sea.