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Joris Bon – Gleam
On January 26, French artist Joris Bon shared his new single 'Gleam'. The song is a real masterpiece of modern art pop where various musical techniques and time frames are intertwined.

Joris Bon has a unique ability to combine the seemingly incongruous. Since he was young, he learned to play the piano and it has always been his passion. Over time, exploring the latest trends in music, Joris Bon began to think in the modern sphere of art, and his own music acquired all the signs of this.

Along with composing, he writes and sings his own lyrics, and his voice is a separate musical instrument with a special silky timbre and attractive tones. The song 'Gleam' is another indicator of the incredible talent of Joris Bon in all areas of improvisational, experimental and song art.  

Listen to the single 'Gleam' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new track from the charming Joris Bon.