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SIR-VERE – Legion
The song 'Legion' from the band SIR-VERE is a real manifesto and a kind of warning to all the authorities of the world who is really their boss. This track was included in SIR-VERE's new album 'Lovescope', which was released on January 26 on on Worldsound / Virgin Music Group.

The single 'Legion' was supported by the release of a collection of remixes on January 19, which we already mentioned, but now we would like to focus on the original version of this musical composition. 'Legion' is a powerful synthesis of post-punk, industrial and electronica. 

The track got its monotony and charisma from the post-punk aesthetics associated with a clear dark side. Tickling and sharp elements of industrial create a true environment of truth and strength that is sung about in the song. The electronic elements of the song bring it to the level of dance floors, where the track can compete in energy with drum n bass and rave. 

The originality of the song 'Legion' is undeniable, and every time we turn to the work of this British band, we discover more and more new facets of their talent. Listen to SIR-VERE's single 'Legion' on Spotify below and head over to their new album link to enjoy even more of their music.