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January 27, 2024
NEW ENTMT – Live For the Night
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On January 26, the second single of the Swedish project NEW ENTMT, behind which is singer, songwriter and producer Tobias Bergholm, was released. On the horizon, the release of the entire mini-album, which the artist has been working on for the past 3 years, is planned.
Gary Dranow – Ripping
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On January 18, Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions released a new single 'Ripping'. This cool hard rock track is synonymous with drive, rhythm and virtuosity.
Joris Bon – Gleam
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On January 26, French artist Joris Bon shared his new single 'Gleam'. The song is a real masterpiece of modern art pop where various musical techniques and time frames are intertwined.
Sink to the Sea – Sink to the Sea
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Californian post-rock trio Sink to the Sea gave the world a stunning self-titled album late last year. The 9 tracks of the album are mesmerizing and allow you to dive headlong into the true musical art of today.
SIR-VERE – Legion
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The song 'Legion' from the band SIR-VERE is a real manifesto and a kind of warning to all the authorities of the world who is really their boss. This track was included in SIR-VERE's new album 'Lovescope', which was released on January 26 on on Worldsound / Virgin Music Group.