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Madam Who? – Peter Meter
Madam Who? is a charismatic and interesting artist who heals mental traumas with her creativity and gives practical life advice. Her new single 'Peter Meter', the very song that with its burning motive releases doubts and shows life from a wonderful side.

The song 'Peter Meter' was prepared for more than 20 years and now the artist shows the finished work in all its glory. The main theme of the song was inspired by the stories of her grandmother, who at one time taught her young and inexperienced how to keep a man close to her. This is really a true story that deserves the attention of everyone who is looking for an answer to this important question.  

A catchy vocal melody with dance hooks creates a real recipe for self-belief and self-confidence. The rock pop style of the song perfectly conveys the aesthetics of this musical composition. The cheerful and humorous mood of the track is characteristic of Madam Who? and her voice is organically woven into this unforgettable song.  

In the music video 'Peter Meter', we admire the frank conversation of a grandmother with her granddaughter, where the older one teaches the younger one feminine wisdom. Background mise-en-scenes with dances and stunts exude positivity and joy, and really, after this video, it is impossible to get this song out of our head.  

Watch the music video 'Peter Meter' below on YouTube and enjoy the energy and artistry of Madam Who?.