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Love Ghost – Angelic
On January 19, the new single of the American band Love Ghost was released. The song is called 'Angelic' and it perfectly reveals the band's ability to write heartbreaking ballads.

'Angelic' is the kind of song that, with its sad and sorrowful motive, immerses us in the story of unrequited love. The minimalist musical arrangement of this musical composition captivates with amazing insight and inner tragedy. 

Vocalist and acoustic guitar, intimate lyrics and simple arpeggios begin this song, gradually unfolding into an alternative chorus line. The ghostly background adds density and drama to this track. A song about unhappy love should be exactly that, long and painful. 

'Angelic' from Love Ghost this is another presentation of this cool band to its fans and all lovers of modern alternative rock. Listen to the single 'Angelic' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new song from Love Ghost.