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Gunslingers – Shadows
Gunslingers presented their new single 'Shadows' on January 19. The song has an original musical color with country and folk vibes that we want to listen to and delve into thoughts about life and death, love and experiences.

Gunslingers is the brainchild of an American singer-songwriter Lou Heneise. In the process of recording her ideas, she was joined by other artists and musicians, each of whom contributed a part of their identity to the final version. This is a creative tandem of artistic and charismatic people who have something to say to their listeners.  

'Shadows' is a real gift to all connoisseurs of deep poetic form and narrative stories in music. The song has a soft guitar sound and sincere velvety vocals that intertwine with additional effects creating an incredible atmosphere of freedom and excitement. An interesting musical arrangement reveals this musical composition in all its fullness and beauty. 'Shadows' from Gunslingers is a cool alternative country song that fascinates with its novelty and life charm.  

Listen to the single 'Shadows' below on Spotify and enjoy the new release from the talented Gunslingers.