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Ratchet – Closing The Door
Ratchet is a 21-year-old artist from the Netherlands who recently released his third full-length album 'Closing The Door'. Ratchet a prolific musician who devotes a large part of his life to his creativity.

In his music, we can find elements of many styles, such as indie rock, dark wave, dream pop, hip hop, grunge, shoegaze and others. Such a wide palette of influences and tastes makes Ratchet's music extremely experimental and interesting. The entire production process takes place in his bedroom studio, and as we can guess, it is a truly magical place.  

The album 'Closing The Door' consists of 18 songs that perfectly reflect the current state of Ratchet's creative impulses. Each of the presented songs has its own original concept and aesthetics. The album's poetic lyrics are filled with themes of loneliness, feelings, worries and hopes. 

The artist is not afraid to be sincere and frank with his listeners and that is why his songs are so charismatic. The velvet timbre of his vocals shimmers with silk colors and gives us calm and thoughtful melodies. Dreamy guitars flow with beautiful hooks and arpeggios. Musical arrangements have their own charm and passion, and therefore each of these songs sounds particularly cool.  

Listen to the album 'Closing The Door' below on Spotify and discover an incredible and promising artist Ratchet.