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A Certain Someone – Suburbian
'Suburbian' is the title of the new single by the artist A Certain Someone, released on January 12. A Certain Someone this is the solo project of René Arbeithuber, a musician well-known in the German indie scene, who decided to present his new mysterious and dreamy music to the world.

The song 'Suburbian' is a beautiful shoegaze ballad with elements of post-rock and ambient. Minimalistic guitar arpeggios and pulsating electronic basses create an incredibly deep atmosphere. Velvet vocals mesmerize with hypnotic lines and we follow this dark yet affirming poetry.

Synthesizer layers fill the choruses, accumulating the emotional pitch of this musical composition. Variegated percussion and intense guitar impulses complete the climactic part of the song, leaving us alone with thoughts of far and near, outer and inner.  

In the music video 'Suburbian', the artist travels his lonely path and we follow him into his special black and white world without illusions and fear. His path is like a metamorphosis of life itself, where only the scenery changes and we remain as we were.  

Watch the music video 'Suburbian' from A Certain Someone on YouTube below and immerse yourself in the creative world of this fantastic artist.