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January 14, 2024
Gary Dranow – Hadrian’s Wall
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'Hadrian's Wall' is a song by the well-known American musician Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions. The music track tells about the heroic times of the Roman conquest of Great Britain.
Snakesnakewhale. – Castle, PA
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The American band Snakesnakewhale. got together to play the music on which all 5 members of the group grew up. This music gave them the meaning of life, gave them hope and charged them with its uncompromising and directness.
Down South Pepper band – Hand in my Pocket
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On January 12, Down South Pepper band released their new single 'Hand in my Pocket'. The song tells about the fragility of money and worries about its safety. The richer the person, the greater the concern for their wealth, and this is true.
A Certain Someone – Suburbian
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'Suburbian' is the title of the new single by the artist A Certain Someone, released on January 12. A Certain Someone this is the solo project of René Arbeithuber, a musician well-known in the German indie scene, who decided to present his new mysterious and dreamy music to the world.
Bromsen – Someone
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'Someone' is the fifth single from the Berlin indie duo Bromsen, which was released on January 12. Bromsen is the brainchild of two wonderful musicians Richard and Karlo Bromsen who are known for their work in the band The Pampelmuse in the early 00s.
Transcending Into the Unknown – Giants
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Transcending Into the Unknown released their new single on January 12. The song is called 'Giants' and it is a kind of quintessence of the influences and preferences of the three members of this band. Transcending Into the Unknown can be called a family band because it includes Filip, Robert and Stian Dahl.
Gollnir – Party song
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The Icelandic band Gollnir started its creative activity in 2020. Their music immediately captured the attention of electronic pop fans and was noticed as a new phenomenon on the Reykjavík indie scene.
Gary Dranow – Bedroom Mentor
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Gary Dranow continues to give us fresh rock music filled with classic elements of this style and its modern vibes. Such is his new single 'Bedroom Mentor', which was released on January 11.