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FAINN – Cinema Sessions
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'Cinema Sessions' is the title of the new EP from the American artist FAINN. This 4-track mini-album invites us on a great journey with familiar melodies carefully selected by a talented and promising artist.
A Certain Someone – Suburbian
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'Suburbian' is the title of the new single by the artist A Certain Someone, released on January 12. A Certain Someone this is the solo project of René Arbeithuber, a musician well-known in the German indie scene, who decided to present his new mysterious and dreamy music to the world.
minus32heartbeat – Dreams
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minus32heartbeat this is the new project of the New York musician Matt Friedlander. After a 15-year hiatus, he returns with a new single 'Dreams', which opens the curtain on his upcoming album. Matt Friedlander played in his time in the band The GoStation and his love for music did not leave him during these years.
ALIA – I’m Getting Off
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Over the past year, ALIA has become a full-fledged part of the London indie scene. Her work is an amazing interweaving of underground spirit, inner strength, and an honest attitude to the world around us.
SWiiMS – Fade Days
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On December 18, Canadian indie band SWiiMS released a new music video for their song 'Fade Days', and its hypnotic magic is captivating and thought-provoking.
La Palma – After All This Time
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Indie duo La Palma was created in 2019 in Washington DC by two vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Tim Gibbon and Chris Walker. Their debut album was released that year.
Edie Yvonne – Girl Code
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On November 22, a new single by the bright artist Edie Yvonne called 'Girl Code' was released. The young American singer continues her upward movement on the road to the musical Olympus.
Ripsime – Capsule I: Wicked & Wise
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London-based artist Ripsime released her debut EP 'Capsule I: Wicked & Wise' on November 1. The mini-album was completely recorded in Armenia, where Ripsime spent a year during the pandemic. At the same time, this picturesque country experienced difficult times related to the war.
Clare Easdown – Scopolamine
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Clare Easdown shared her new single 'Scopolamine' on September 27. This song was completely written, recorded and mixed by Clare Easdown herself in order to best convey the raw and honest emotions associated with her own experience.
Eva No – Stainless Steel
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Swedish artist Eva No (Eva Nordell) presented her third EP 'Stainless Steel' on September 29. She wrote songs all her life and in 2019 she returned to intensive musical activities.
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