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Bromsen – Someone
'Someone' is the fifth single from the Berlin indie duo Bromsen, which was released on January 12. Bromsen is the brainchild of two wonderful musicians Richard and Karlo Bromsen who are known for their work in the band The Pampelmuse in the early 00s.

After several years of hiatus, the guys are back with a new project and hit the new indie scene with their fresh music. 'Someone' is a song with a pronounced synth sound with a characteristic indie rock expression expressed in a high vocal line and a cool guitar solo. 

The song talks about the importance of realizing one's identity and the originality of one's own life path. There is always a choice between what society expects of us and what life itself offers. A lot of adventures and interesting things await those who are not afraid to be themselves among everyone. 

The song 'Someone' once again opens the curtain of the band's upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released on February 16. Listen to the single 'Someone' below on Spotify and expect more exciting music from the bright Bromsen.